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Research and Precision out of Tradition

HORICO is a reliable partner for dentists and dental technicians over four generations. No matter whether in the dental surgery or in the laboratory: HORICO’s rotary instruments combine precision and long life while offering convincing value for money. Learn about diamond burs, carbide crown cutters and burs, separating strips, diamond strips, sintered diamond instruments, steel carbo discs, carbide cutters and polishers from our website. Here you will find innovations such as Diaflex®, Superdiaflex® and Superapid® discs and our best-selling gold-plated Lion burs grinder (ideal for zirconia), black carbide cutters and the smallest diamond balls in the world.

HORICO® offers...

...highest quality

All our medical instruments are certified. We also go much further: every single instrument leaving our factory will undergo a microscopic control, alongside other tests. The basis of the high quality is based on our large manufacturing capacity. Just about every step of production takes place at our factory in Germany; from the raw material to the finished product. Our brand, HORICO is recognized worldwide for quality and reliability.


Right from the beginning we have continually developed new products to find the best solution for our customers. Many of these solutions are still in use today, such as our Steelcarbo® strips, the company's original product. Other R&D highlights:


The first separation strips not made of paper (sandpaper), but of steel


Start of diamond cutter production, which - thanks to their outstanding properties - represent our core business today


Diaflex® discs: Invention of the world's first flexible stainless steel and diamond disc with a thickness of 2/10 and 3/10 mm


Diatrepano: Individually shaped diamond instruments for the machining of cavities and opening of the pulp chamber


Superdiaflex® discs, even more flexible with just 1/10 and 1.5/10 mm


Superapid®: Developing the world's first semi-flexible sintered diamond disc which did not break as quickly as conventional sintered discs did


Expansion of the Horico program to include carbide products. Meanwhile, we are also in the field of the world's top cutters with all standard tooth systems


Adoption of a 6/10 mm diameter ball for the finest work in the range


New surface coverings for cutters. The new "black" cutters are extremely successful because they combine the best cutting properties at a reduced heat with an extra-long service life


The Lion family diamond burs, our premium burs, especially designed for extremely hard materials such as glass ceramics and zirconia and any other preparation


We can afford quality and innovation because we are a fourth-generation family business and have over 90 years’ experience in the dental industry to call upon. Our success speaks for itself. In some cases our business relationships with our dealers go back 60 years and we deliver to 80 countries. If you are looking for a bespoke customer solution, please speak to us! We are sure we will be able to convince you.


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